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Hermann Plankensteiner

Diplom-Kaufmann (MBA equivalent)
Public accountant
Tax consultant


The main activities of Hermann Plankensteiner (b. 1976) are the auditing of annual and consolidated financial statements for different legal forms of companies in various sectors. His area of expertise also includes answering individual questions on accounting based on IFRS and the German Commercial Code (HGB). In addition, he advises clients on the preparation of financial reports and provides support during special audits.

Veröffentlichungen (Auswahl)

  • Commentaries in "Petersen/Zwirner: Handbuch Bilanzrecht", Bundesanzeiger-Verlag, Köln, 2nd Edition, 2018.

Publications by this author

Plankensteiner, § 320 HGB Vorlagepflicht. Auskunftsrecht, in: Petersen/Zwirner, Handbuch Bilanzrecht, Abschlussprüfung und Sonderfragen in der Rechnungslegung, Bundesanzeiger Verlag, Köln, 2. Edition, 2018, S. 113-132.

de la Paix/Plankensteiner, Neue Definition der Umsatzerlöse nach HGB im Rahmen des BilRUG - eine neue Lücke zu IFRS?, Zeitschrift für Internationale Rechnungslegung (IRZ), 9/2015, S.331-333.

Publications by this author