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Kai Peter Künkele

Diplom-Kaufmann (MBA equivalent)
Public accountant
Tax consultant


Life motto: “Anyone who stops trying to be better, stops being good.“ (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)


Kai Peter Künkele (b. 1975), supports clients in preparing annual financial statements, and performs statutory and voluntary annual audits for partnerships and joint-stock companies. He provides ongoing tax consultancy to medium-sized companies, and accompanies clients through external audits. Kai Peter Künkele also assists natural persons, in particular clients from agriculture and forestry.

In addition to articles in trade journals, he has written and published commentaries on the Bill of the German Federal Government for the Act to Modernise German Accounting Law (BilMoG) and on German balance sheet law. He is also a visiting lecturer at the Bundesfinanzakademie.

Kai Peter Künkele has been at Kleeberg since 2002.

Contact: kaipeter.kuenkele[at]

Publications (selection)

Lectures by this author

28/08/2020 Grundlagen der betrieblichen Kostenrechnung
Organizer: Bundesfinanzakademie, Venue: Brühl
Speaker: Kai Peter Künkele
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15-16/10/2020 142. Arbeitstagung des Arbeitskreises für Steuerfragen der Waldeigentümer und Familienbetriebe Land und Forst
Venue: Düsseldorf
Speakers: Kai Peter Künkele, Reinhard Schmid
» print event
18/11/2020 Bilanzierung und Steuern 2021
Organizer: Akademie für Fortbildung Heidelberg GmbH , Venue: Frankfurt a.M.
Speaker: Kai Peter Künkele
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Publications by this author

Künkele K.P., Rückstellungen , in: Pelka/Petersen, Beck'sches Steuerberater-Handbuch 2019/2020, Verlag C. H. Beck, München, 17. Edition, 2019, S. 302-386.

Petersen/Künkele K.P./Zwirner, Rückstellungen in der Bilanzierungspraxis - Ansatz, Ausweis und Bewertung in Handels- und Steuerrecht, Bundesanzeiger-Verlag, Köln, 3. Edition, 2019.

Zwirner/Künkele K.P., Übergangsvorschriften zur Anwendung der geänderten Regelungen durch das BilMoG und erstmalige Anwendung, in: Petersen/Zwirner, Handbuch Bilanzrecht, Abschlussprüfung und Sonderfragen in der Rechnungslegung, Bundesanzeiger Verlag, Köln, 2. Edition, 2018, S. 543-564.

Publications by this author

University teaching assignments/lectures

Winter term 2014/2015

“Tax Accounting Law”  at the University of Passau (in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Markus Diller, Chair of Taxation)

University teaching assignments/lectures