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Our Expertise

We make the specialist, detailed knowledge of Kleeberg's employees available to our clients not only when we are in direct contact with them individually, but also beyond this. The expertise of Kleeberg is manifested, among others, in a wide range of diverse publications and lectures. Kleeberg's know-how is thus sought after in a broad array of fields.

We inform our clients immediately about changes in the framework and new scope for structuring in our various newsletters. In addition, we make the competence of Kleeberg's employees transparent through numerous technical publications such as separate books as well as articles for collected editions, commentaries, journals and scientific papers. We look upon publications as an interface between theory and practice and as an opportunity to contribute scientific articles and practical recommendations to the ongoing development of the specialised fields relevant to us. In the process, we always bear in mind issues of crucial importance to our clients.

Besides providing individual support to clients, Kleeberg holds its own events that address specific problems and show possible solutions. The expertise of the employees at Kleeberg makes them highly qualified speakers who are sought after for conferences and seminars. Due to our intensive participation in current lectures and congresses, we are always up-to-date and know the state of debate on contentious issues and new developments. We pass on this know-how to our clients directly at events held for clients and naturally apply it to give the highest standard of individual advice.

Furthermore, Kleeberg is committed to student education in the subjects of auditing and accounting at university level as part of its lecturing activities. By doing so, we are ensuring that our know-how is also passed on to younger generations. At the same time, we see our involvement in university education as being our contribution to Germany as an educational location. Moreover, we are securing the possibility of winning new employees through our direct contact with highly qualified and excellently trained students.