Über Kleeberg - Profil:
Kleeberg mit Sitz in München und Hamburg berät nationale und internationale Mandanten umfassend in steuerlichen und betriebswirtschaftlichen Fragen sowie in allen Fragestellungen aus dem Bereich der Wirtschaftsprüfung.



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From our office in Munich, Kleeberg offers comprehensive consultancy services to national and international clients in matters of tax and business management, as well as in all auditing-related issues. Our highly qualified staff have a command of the entire advisory spectrum in the areas of tax consulting, auditing, business consulting, international client support and corporate finance. For complex problems spanning international boundaries, if need be we can call on the expertise and resources of reliable international partners.

In the course of 50 years we have grown from a one-man office into a company with more than 200 employees. That has come about through high personal commitment and excellent services – and constantly motivates us to continue to improve the quality of consultancy and service in the interest of our clients.