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Spanish & Latin American Desk

The Spanish & Latin American Desk of Kleeberg is a multidisciplinary team of German lawyers, tax consultants, public accountants, European lawyers licensed in Germany and other professionals from the areas of accounting and IT offering consulting services in fluent Spanish or as a native speaker of Spanish. We advise and represent Spanish-speaking clients in business and private matters in Germany and guide German-resident clients through their businesses, transactions and investments in Spain and Latin America. We make sure that you are alert to the frequent changes in the world of law, tax and accounting relevant to you, since:


Basilisco que se duerme…

   … se lo lleva la corriente.

who sleeps…

    …will be flushed away by the river.

The basis of our assignment (consulting offer, engagement letter and retainer agreement, all our powers of representation) as well as our work-results (e.g. drafts of notarial documents, contracts, professional opinions, financial statements, monthly financial reports etc.) are made available in a multilingual form or in a translation into Spanish. We stand for personal consulting with professional, language and inter-cultural competence, in each of our areas of practice you will be dealing with professionals who all speak Spanish business fluently.

On request, we also support German colleagues of other firms with our special know-how, which may include - where required - also the support of our network Crowe Global, with whom we collaborate on the basis of professional trust and who may rely on our respect of their client-relationship.

Our range of services includes:

Advising non-resident and/or German-resident Spanish-speaking clients in Germany

  • Consulting in all phases of entering the German market (direct import of goods and services with and without local support, including e-commerce, opening a representation or branch office or other permanent establishment, formation of a German subsidiary company with or without an intermediary holding company etc.).
  • Assistance in the acquisition or sale of companies, participations or other assets (e.g. real property), especially in structuring the transaction, (financial, tax, legal) due diligence, valuation reports, drafting and negotiating contracts, signing, closing, integration.
  • Support in day-to-day business activities, in particular applications, registrations, permits, drafting of contracts, compliance, financial bookkeeping and payroll accounting, preparation of annual financial statements, fulfilment of all recurrent and special administrative (e.g. tax and social security) filing requirements, consulting in transfer pricing (structuring and documentation), guidance through tax audits, legal protection against measures of the tax authorities, representation at the German tax courts and the Federal Supreme Tax Court.
  • Audit of annual and consolidated financial statements of German subsidiaries, business consulting and expert opinions (e.g. company valuations, turn-around business planning)
  • Consulting in connection with an exit from, or the restructuring of engagements in, Germany, in particular transfer of business operations and functions outside Germany.
  • Legal and tax consulting services to individuals and support in tax compliance, in particular

    • for Spanish speaking freelancers operating in Germany on a project basis,
    • for Spanish speaking expatriates seconded to Germany for a limited time,
    • as regards the cross-border relocation of the domicile or the centre of vital interests
    • bei grenzüberschreitender Verlagerung des Wohnsitzes bzw. Lebensmittelpunktes.

  • Conflict management (representation in and out of court, arbitration proceedings, enforcement of foreign court decisions and arbitration awards in Germany).

Guidance to German-resident clients in Spain and Latin America

  • Support in selecting suitable local consultants and partners abroad.
  • Legal and tax structuring of and providing advice on the financing of foreign business activities.
  • Tax-optimised utilisation of Double Tax Conventions (DTC) and suitable company and holding locations.
  • Advice on establishing and acquiring foreign companies and other assets (e.g. real property, agricultural land and forests).
  • Integration of the foreign activities into the existing corporate structure and advice on setting up an efficient controlling and risk management system.
  • Tax consulting on transfer pricing (structuring, determination and documentation).
  • Drafting of international contracts (particularly in two or more languages, e.g. DE/ES/EN).
  • Advice on the labour, social security and tax law aspects of international secondments.
  • Preparation and auditing of annual and consolidated financial statements, including foreign subsidiaries, based on international accounting standards (IFRS, US-GAAP).
  • Conducting special audits (e.g. monitoring the use of resources with regard to foreign investments).
  • Reorganisation of foreign business activities and support in structuring a tax-optimised exit.
  • Legal protection against measures of the tax authorities (e.g. assisting in mutual agreement procedures based on the DTCs, automatic and spontaneous exchange of information).
  • Enforcement of German court decisions and arbitration awards abroad.

Your contact

Please contact your Spanish & Latin American Desk partner Frank Behrenz:

Frank Behrenz
Lawyer, Tax consultant

Phone: +49 (0)89-55983-302

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Wassermeyer – DBA: Doppelbesteuerung
Verlag C.H.Beck, 2014
Autor der Länderteile Spanien und Uruguay

Wassermeyer – DBA: Doppelbesteuerung
Verlag C.H.Beck
, 2014
author of the chapters Spain and Uruguay

Investitions- und Steuerstandort Spanien 
Verlag C.H.Beck, 2012
Mitherausgeber und -autor

Investitions- und Steuerstandort Spanien
Verlag C.H.Beck
, 2012
editor and author

Short note Passive Entstrickung aufgrund erstmaliger Anwendung eines Abkommens zur Vermeidung der Doppelbesteuerung (11/2018)

Short note Passive Entstrickung aufgrund erstmaliger Anwendung eines Abkommens zur Vermeidung der Doppelbesteuerung (11/2018)
(PDF 0.29 MB)