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To our clients, colleagues and business associates:

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU which entered into force in May this year obliges us, among other things, to take appropriate protective measures when dealing with personal data.

According to the GDPR, it must be assumed that emails containing personal data may now only be exchanged in encrypted form. In addition, it is increasingly considered that the dispatch of unencrypted emails by members of professions subject to a duty of confidentiality is no longer in keeping with the times and is thus at least questionable under professional laws.

We have therefore decided to also introduce an encryption system for email communication at our firm for the exchange of sensitive data.

The procedure

When we encrypt and send a message to you, you will receive an email notification with an attachment in HTML format. The message itself will merely contain a reference in general terms that a secure email has been sent to you. By double-clicking on the attachment, you open your Internet browser and reach our portal. After selecting your language and confirming it by clicking on ‘ok’, the login window will open where you enter your password and click on ‘login’.

The very first time you do this you will receive a password from us for this purpose which you will receive separately from us – either by telephone, text message or fax. A registration form will also open the first time only. It will require you to enter and save a password you have chosen for all future logins. You will also be required to enter a security question you have chosen and the answer to it with the aid of which you can create a new password if you forget the old one.

By entering your password, you can open the encrypted email and its attachments. By clicking on the menu item ‘Save as’ you can download the encrypted email – as an Outlook email, other email or as a PDF – to your computer (where it will usually land in the ‘Download’ folder); you can then drag an Outlook email folder (msg) from the Download folder and drop it directly into your Inbox or into a subfolder of your Inbox. You can also send us an encrypted answer using the answer button.

The alternative: Your own certificate

The exchange of encrypted emails is much simpler if you acquire your own certificate – or if you already use one anyway – with the aid of which you deposit your public key with us. You can then read incoming encrypted emails directly and send encrypted emails directly from your email programme to us without using the detour via our portal. This is of advantage particularly if you or your organisation operate your own email server.

The two standards S/MIME (primarily in the commercial sector) and PGP (for private purposes) are common. Our system can process both versions.

If you already have an S/MIME certificate, it suffices if you send us a signed email. If you already have a PGP key, your public key must be uploaded via our portal. Please contact us in this case so that we can assist you in the process.