Kleeber Visual: Petersen et al. IFRS-Praxishandbuch und Brösel, Zwirner: IFRS-Rechnungslegung



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The dominance of the IFRS has become a permanent fixture on the German accounting landscape. Although this has long been the case for consolidated financial statements on the capital market, the IFRS is increasingly now reaching German SMEs and individual financial statements. All recent legislative changes have brought with them a clear convergence of the HGB with the IFRS. In many cases banks and international business partners also require IFRS data.

As the influence of IFRS gains strength in all areas of accounting in Germany, it affects our clients too. For this reason we are pleased to inform you here about our activities in the area of international accounting in accordance with IFRS standards.

Kleeberg is a permanent cooperation partner of the IRZ magazine; in every issue in the section “Auf den .Punkt gebracht!” [ “To the point”], we publish practice-related articles that deal with specific current problems in the area of IFRS accounting. Here Kleeberg combines the exacting theoretical standards with practical examples and recommendations on applying the IFRS in Germany