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UFW/Section 13b Bachelor

Ulmer Forum für Wirtschaftswissenschaften (UFW) e. V.

Kleeberg attaches great importance to the training of young graduates who decide to take up public accountancy and/or tax consultancy as a career. To make a contribution to advancements in the area of university education and strengthen the interplay between the individuals involved in this development, we are a member of the Ulmer Forums für Wirtschaftswissenschaften (UFW) e. V. The UFW was founded in March 2004 on the initiative of representatives of the accounting and tax consulting professions, entrepreneurs from the region of Ulm and the Institute for Accountancy and Auditing at the University of Ulm (Professor Dr. Kai-Uwe Marten). In the meantime, the UFW has 350 paying members, 74 of which are companies.

The UFW has set itself the goal of promoting science, university education and practice. The dialogue between science and practice is to be initiated, fostered and intensified through special events, lectures and workshops on issues focusing on accounting, auditing, tax law and aspects of current economic policy. In this way a contribution can be made to the cultivation of academic and professional contacts between students, members of the university, members of the accounting, tax advisory and consulting professions and corporate representatives from accounting and finance as well as tax departments. The goals of UFW are to be achieved also by supporting teaching and research at the Faculty of Mathematics and Economics at the University of Ulm financially and with ideas.

The UFW would like to show the significance of accounting, auditing and tax law in general and particularly for the career opportunities of university graduates of economics and adjoining courses. Kleeberg is involved via this membership and through the support of fee-earners from within its own ranks.

Sponsoring Section 13b Bachelor studies

Furthermore, we support the sponsoring of what is referred to as the Section 13b Bachelor degree course at the University of Ulm. As the first university in Germany to do so, the University of Ulm offers a bachelor degree course that enables students to have achievements from their university studies credited to their public accountants examination. The  Ulmer Forum für Wirtschaftswissenschaften (UFW) e. V. has been entrusted with implementing the organisation of the study concept based on Section 13b of the Act on the Code of Professional Practice for German Public Accountants (WPO).

After starting a regular course of studies in economics at the University of Ulm, students decide without any obligation in the third semester to base their degree course on Section 13b of the Act on the Code of Professional Practice for German Public Accountants. This allows them to focus on qualifying for a career as a public accountant at an early stage. For us, this means that career entrants will have higher qualifications in this area in future and can thus be flexibly assigned to a much broader range of tasks.