We are Kleeberg

Step forward confidently into the future with Kleeberg

As a public accountancy, tax and legal consulting firm, what motivates and drives us is the tangible added value that we generate for your company day in, day out.

Highly motivated, tenacious, creative and knowledgeable, we see it as our mission to help you establish your business on a solid foundation that also serves as a springboard for further development. We provide sound advice, prudent guidance and that extra spark of inspiration that is needed in navigating the terrain between your goals, the regulatory environment and the dynamics of the marketplace. We recognise opportunities and consistently seize them to your advantage.

Elevator Pitch​

Responsibility means accountability

The success brought to you through our efforts is the yardstick of our own success. This goes as much for the meticulous performance of routine jobs as well as for the smooth migration of complex and innovative business models to the post-digital age, borderless trade and the technological upheavals of Industry 4.0.

Whatever the industrial sector, business model and current market situation, we attach great importance to entrepreneurial vision and enjoy breaking new ground, while at the same time not under-estimating the value and necessity of perseverance over the long stretch. After all, we want to retain and renew the trust you have rightly placed in us over the years – as evidenced by the uninterrupted loyalty of many of our clients over generations.

Despite rapidly changing times, our guiding principle is continuity over the long term. You can rely on the staunch support of our consultants through the years. We recognise and fully acknowledge that responsibility goes hand in hand with accountability.

We live in a networked world.
As we at Kleeberg also do.

Expertise, however outstanding, often finds itself bumping up against its limitations. The solution is continual development and expansion of networks across disciplines and borders. Kleeberg fully embraces the important place networking takes up in the modern world.

Working together with you as our client

We set up a contact network between ourselves and you as our client on several hierarchical levels: To ensure smooth and effective business relations, you will be assigned designated contact persons at managing director, senior manager and assistant levels. While this may at first seem unusual, you may rest assured it helps immensely.

Networking with key stakeholders

The high standard of our advisory services is underpinned by the excellent contacts we maintain with, for example, tax authorities or with professional organisations and influential business associations. Many of our employees are published authors and, as sought-after guest speakers, enjoy personal contacts with decision-makers from business and administration. As a client of Kleeberg, you will also derive indirect benefit from these activities, an added advantage that should not be underestimated.

How we can help you secure your business lead

We work closely with numerous institutions, associations and bodies to further the interests of our clients and we work hard at continually developing our own areas of expertise.

We champion your interests in the following institutions and associations:

  • Chamber of Tax Consultants
  • Main expert committee of the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany
  • Institute of Public Auditors in Germany, a registered association
  • Tax committee of the German Bar Association
  • Federal Academy of Finance
  • vbw – Bavarian Industry Association, a registered association
  • Chamber of Industry and Commerce

A team of team players

Kleeberg offers career starters and professionals a wide range of development and career opportunities. Our work focuses on providing personal support to our clients at the highest professional level.